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Michael J. Retzinger is a person who stutters.  He is also a licensed speech and language pathologist certified by the AmericanSpeech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) who has mastered natural speech as a result of an outcome-based therapy approach.

His reputation as a skilled practitioner of outcome-based communication therapy has resulted in international recognition.  He has been invited to consult with and present The Freedom to Speak Approach to colleagues and organizations in Europe and the United States.

Doc Mike

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He began his professional career in the public school setting in 1977, moved to the clinical setting in 1993, and expanded to private practice in 1996, specializing in the area of stuttering.   Mike understands speech and language disorders and, in combination with his unique approach to stuttering therapy, has presented at a number of universities, Wisconsin Speech and Hearing Association, Council for Exceptional Children, and National Stuttering Project Chapter and National Conferences.  In addition, his two-day workshops have been conducted for professionals in a number of settings.
In 1991, he was honored by being the first public school speech/language pathologist to be invited to present The Freedom to Speak Approach at the International Conference on Stuttering in Paris, France.  He is a graduate of, and has been a participant in, the Stuttering Foundation of America workshops.

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