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Michael J. Retzinger, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech and Language Pathologist
Board Certified Specialist & Mentor - Fluency Disorders

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Michael Retzinger

"I think (basically) we were all
ready to change our ideas and strategies
because we know what we
are doing isn't working...Mike knows
his stuff and what he is talking about..."
"The Retz Approach" Workshop

"I assumed...that if we could
keep our people fluent
long enough, eventually their
fluency skills would become habitual.
Not once did that ever happen."
William Perkins, Ph.D.
Noted Scholar/Speech Pathologist
"Do Fluency Controls Ever Promote Automatic Fluency"?

American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology January, 1992

"When Michael J. Retzinger talks,
people listen."
    --Suzanne Weiss, "The Retz Approach Solves Stuttering Woes,"
          May 11, 1998, The Herald Times Reporter (Manitowoc, WI)

The Freedom to Speak Approach is an innovative, cutting edge, outcome-based therapy approach for the release of natural speech in a person who stutters.  It promotes effective communication skills.  It does not promote the forced fluency shaping typically emphasized by traditional therapy programs. 
The Freedom to Speak Approach is based on practical execution of research conducted by three renowned researchers in the field of speech and language therapy:  Dr. Wendell Johnson, Dr.Dean Williams and Dr. Jerome Halvorson.   It focuses on the process of communication and involves not only the person who stutters, but also significant listeners (parents, siblings, teachers, etc.) Therapy is based in real-life situations, and strategies, activities, and techniques center on decreasing communication apprehension in the person who stutters, as well as developing the listening skills of the significant listener.
The Freedom to Speak Approach is offered to individuals as private therapy.  For those not able to participate in personal treatment due to geographic constraints, Michael Retzinger is available to consult with personal therapists.  Professional workshops, conducted for groups of five or more, allow participants to learn the necessary skills to successfully develop natural speech in their clients.

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